Community Living Program

L.I.F.E.'s Community Living Service program is designed to enhance the overall quality of life for Individuals with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities.

Active community involvement tailored to the abilities and interest of the individual is the goal of Residential Services. Whether through living in a Group Home or an ALU or through supports in the individual’s own home, L.I.F.E. assists the individual to reach their maximum potential.

We offer a series of home and community-based services depending on an Individuals preference and or need. Services range from 24-hour support in a licensed agency owned home, to drop–in support in one of our homes or an individual’s own home.

Residential programL.I.F.E. provides Group Homes, Alternative Living Houses (ALU),  Personal Supports (PS), Family Support Services (FSS) and Community Support Services (CSS) so that individuals can access the service supports appropriate to their needs and can change supports as their abilities grow.

L.I.F.E. homes seek to provide a family atmosphere with individuals sharing responsibility for the appearance of the home. Individuals are encouraged to participate in their community. Participation is determined by each person’s program plan which includes annual goals for personal growth and progress towards increased independence.

Our highly trained staff have a set standard in providing individualized services that offer freedom, independence, respect, dignity and rights that will guarantee the best quality of life.

While L.I.F.E. strives to assist individuals to be self-reliant, we also recognize that some people with disabilities have greater needs and require additional assistance. L.I.F.E. staff are trained to provide for individuals whether that means total care for all daily living tasks, such as bathing, toileting, eating and dressing or occasional support for more difficult tasks like budgeting or vacation planning.

  • Person-Centered Planning
  • ADL
  • Personal Care
  • Nursing Support
  • Medication Administration
  • Assistance with scheduling medical appointments
  • Assistance with meal planning
  • Participation in Community Activities of Their Choice
  • Social Interaction
  • Personal Banking
  • Transportation

L.I.F.E. Residential Services are licensed through the Developmental Disabilities Administration of the Maryland Department of Health.

COVID and Reopening in Community Living

L.I.F.E. is currently working on a comprehensive plan to reopen all lines of services; that will be consistent with local, state, and federal guidelines. This is a summary of how we have phased in visitations to the homes of the individuals we serve.

  1. All visits are set-up outdoors, which allows for social distancing, wearing of facemasks, but reconnect individuals to family and friends
  2. Staff are encouraged to respect privacy of visits, while observing safety precautions
  3. Outdoor visitation spaces have been identified and are accessible without having to walk through the homes
  4. Emergency bathroom uses have been identified in each home in the event someone needs to use it. A cleaning by staff will be required after each usage
  5. Visitors must wear masks or appropriate coverings during the entire visits
  6. Alcohol based hand rubs will be given to all visitors for use
  7. Visitors are not allowed to walk through the home to get to outdoor locations
  8. No pets allowed
  9. Visitors must maintain 6 feet social distancing guidelines
  10. Visitors must remain in designated visitation locations

We will continue to provide updates as we reopen each line of service.

We welcome any inquiries about our highly respected program.

L.I.F.E. Community Living Program
Director: Shawan Murchison
Phone: (410) 735-5433 ext. 203
Fax No: (410) 735-5431
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